SCOTT, DOUGLAS – 630 Scale – Spruce and Indian – 2009



2009, Canada.  Solid spruce fan braced soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, 630 scale, 41 mm string spacing, 52 mm nut width, 12 hole tieblock, french polished finish, Sloan “Leaf” tuners, compensated saddle, fret markers at 5, 7, 9, 12. Take the strain out of stretching for frets.  This 630 scale fingerboard brings all music within reach.  Fabulously comfortable to play.  Older players will benefit if the left hand has become less flexible, as will anyone with small hands.  The 41 mm string spacing makes the lateral reach easy as well.  Lovely warm tone in a guitar that has been well played allowing the spruce sound board to open up.  Refinished once, numerous fingernail marks, and one repaired crack in the soundboard between the bridge and the end of the guitar.  All in all, this is a good working instrument that will meet a need.


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