ROSS GUTMEIER – Cedar Doubletop and Indian – 640 scale – 2010



2010, USA.  Cedar/Nomex fan braced fingerboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, 640 mm scale, 52 mm nut width, 11 mm raised fingerboard, 20th fret, 12 hole tieback, 7th fret marker, Gotoh premium tuners.  Adjectives are hard to come by to describe this fabulous sound.  Here are a few: full, rich, luxurious!  Okay, all to say that this guitar needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.  We have handled many Gutmeier guitars over the years, and this one exemplifies his best.  Plenty of volume for any hall, in an instrument that magnifies your effort.  Excellent balance throughout the fingerboard with a round warm sound and great separation.  Gutmeier guitars have always played easily, and the 640 scale just makes everything easier.   This description may seem over the top, but anyone who plays it will understand the enthusiasm.  Numerous fingernail impressions on the soundboard, especially the treble side  Some impressions on the headstock from use of a tuner.  The finish otherwise is still in great shape.


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