The best soundhole humidifier. Made of a semi-permeable membrane, it holds enough water to allow a week or more between refills. Water goes in; only water vapor goes out. Humigel crystals in the tube turn the water into a gel which is an added protection against leaking. It is the only humidifier that indicates when it needs to be refilled, which you can see when the tube pinches as it gets low on water (see photo). Designed to be the perfect humidifier, the Oasis is: easy to refill, does not need a special tool to be filled, eliminates drippy overfills, dispenses water vapor in the soundhole where it is most needed, will not touch the body of the guitar, is easily supported even when the instrument is on its side, and is made of soft materials that reduce the risk of scratching either the instrument, or the plain nylon strings on classical guitars.


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