KOHNO/GUTMEIER – Cedar Doubletop and CSA – 1976/2016




This 1976 Kohno was retopped by Ross Gutmeier in 2016, at the owner’s request to emulate Dammann, since Gutmeier had repaired and adjusted some of those.  In addition, the fingerboard was replaced with a 20th fret included.  Cedar doubletop 3 fan soundboard, CSA back and sides, 660 scale, 52 mm nut, 35 mm roller spacing, 7th fret marker.  As with some Dammann guitars the bridge tilts toward the sound hole creating a slightly concave area between the sound hole and the bridge and a complimentary convex dome between the bridge and the end of the guitar.  Having said all of that, the guitar is one loud instrument.  Very quick response and a reverberant sustain.  The full cedar sound is on the bright side for this wood.  One small hairline crack in the back.  Lightly used.  No other guitars sound like this for only $3,000.


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