JOSE LUIS CANO ALEJO – Spruce & Palo Escrito – 2021



2021, Paracho, Mexico.  Solid spruce soundboard, 7 fan braces, figured Palo Escrito back and sides, 650 mm scale, 51 mm nut width, fret markers V and VII, lacquer finish.  Lutherie in Paracho dates back to the 18th century with the art handed down through generations. I have found it difficult to locate spruce guitars under $2,000 that have a good sound.  Most are factory guitars that sound thin and tight.  In my opinion, spruce needs to be worked individually, which is impossible in a factory setting.  In the hands of a capable luthier like Sr. Cano, spruce can sing, even in a modestly priced instrument.  He has created this guitar with good volume, tone and rewarding musical capability.


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