JEFF SIGURDSON – Cedar and CSA Rosewood – 2022



2022, Canada.  Solid cedar soundboard, 7 fan pattern with 5 raised and 2 flat braces, elegantly figured CSA rosewood back and sides,  645 mm scale, 52 mm nut width, 60 in. fingerboard radius, french polished finish, 12 hole tie block, fret markers 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17; 20th fret, Gotoh premium tuners, mint condition.  We have handled numerous Sigurdson instruments from this highly experienced luthier who has built over 800 guitars.  This one is inspired by Dominique Field.  Not a copy, but incorporates some ideas.  Sigurdson continues to exceed our already high expectations, and this guitar is most remarkable.   World class workmanship, and visually stunning with the lovely figuration of the back and sides.  The trebles simply leap off the fingerboard, and well defined basses provide a true bass timbre.  Superior clarity and projection make this an extremely expressive musical instrument that is more than capable of filling any concert hall.  Very easy on the left hand with the 645 mm scale and radiused fingerboard.  This guitar is the complete package.


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