GUTMEIER – Cedar and Indian – 2005



2005, USA.  Solid cedar soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, 650 mm scale, 52 mm nut, 12 hole tieblock, french polished finish, magnets installed for Barnett guitar support.  Great projection in a rich and warm sound with deep basses, balanced with trebles that keep up.  A true concert guitar with far more sound than usually available at this price because of an unfortunate collision with a music stand. The photographs show an rectangular patch in the soundboard at the end of the guitar.  This was an expert repair that would have nearly been nearly indiscernable if the color match had been a little closer.  Other closed hairline cracks in the lower bout on the bass side have also sealed.  Since they are closed, photos do not pick them up.  In summation, the guitar is structurally sound, and has a lot of life in it.  Considering the sound, this is a great value!


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