GABRIEL HERNANDEZ – Cedar and Ziricote – 2019



2019, Paracho, Mexico.  Solid cedar fan braced soundboard, highly figured Paloescrito back and sides, sound ports on both sides of the heel, 650 mm scale, 52 mm nut width, 20th fret,  armrest, 12 hole tieback, lacquer finish, fret markers at V and VII. Lutherie in Paracho dates back to the 18th century and as the features of this instrument demonstrate, this experienced builder is keeping up with the latest developments.  Considering the amount of sound per dollar, this guitar can compete, and will most likely win, at its price point.  Not just a guitar shaped object, this is a legitimate musical instrument.   It has a full resonant tone, and much more volume than would be expected.  Easy on the left hand, and the armrest adds to the comfort.  With the soundports, the player has a great listening experience.


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