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LOCKE, JEREMY JEREMY LOCKE - 2001 - Cedar and Tasmanian Myrtle $3000.00
2001 Australia. Solid cedar soundboard, fan braced, figured Tasmanian myrtle back and sides, arched back, 650 mm scale, 51 mm nut width, Gilbert tuners, 20th fret, fretboard edge markers at 5, 7, 15. The florid figuration on the back and sides of this guitar makes it a work of art. As lovely to look at as to play. The sound keeps right up with the appearance, and is far more than to be expected at this price point. Deep lush basses and clear balanced trebles with projection easily capable of performance. One repaired crack alongside the fingerboard on the bass side which occurred years ago shortly after delivery to the sole owner. Noticeable only in proper lighting. A well educated guitar which earned a masters degree!
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