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About Us

Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio is a sole proprietorship of Michael Kirkpatrick. Mike has formally studied music at the University of Maryland - Baltimore County, and actively teaches guitarists in styles such as classical, rock, fingerstyle and worship music. He is the music leader for the contemporary worship service at Govan's Presbyterian Church, and is a former President, and still an active member, of the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society. Mike also operates Guitar One Stop where he sells just about every music book in print.

Help Using and Ordering from the catalog

Some terms may need a little explanation:

ARRANGEMENT means that the song has been creatively arranged usually to be played in a solo instrumental style, complete with the melody, a bass line, and inner voices.

CASS or CASSETTE indicates Cassette Tape.

CD refers to Audio Compact Disc.

EXCERPTS means that parts, rather than the entire song, are included in order to focus on particular aspects of a guitar style, such as rhythm, lead playing, or effects.

FAKE or FAKE BOOK FORMAT means that the melody, lyrics, and chord changes are included. The description will indicate how much tab is contained in that particular book.

SCORE or SCORE FORMAT indicates that the book contains the music for each of the instruments used in the recording, such as the guitar, bass, keyboards, drum, and vocals.

TAB! Indicates that the music is shown in a format where the finger position and string are displayed either in place of, or with, the actual musical notation.

Keep in mind that books listed today may go out of print and not be available in the future. After years of dealing in music, our experience shows that it is best to order what you want right away, in order to be sure that you will have it.

One additional note: the prices and availability of the books listed in this catalog are subject to change without notice. We do our best to keep them in stock and priced as listed, but conditions beyond our control can sometimes make that impossible.


Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio is committed to taking reasonable steps to protect your personal information. Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio collects information from you in the ordinary course of its busines, which includes your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and the details of orders you make. The software running the website may also keep track of how many pages are viewed, which pages are viewed, where you linked from, and other information generated by use of the website. This information is not shared with anyone or any other business, is not sold or rented, and is not swapped or otherwise disclosed; however: (i) our bank or credit lenders may review this information in connection with extending and monitoring financing; and (ii) if we receive a subpoena or other order or document compelling us to produce such information and our counsel advises us to comply with such compelled disclosure, we will then disclose your information, but only to the extent required by applicable law. If you have specific questions, please email us and we will respond and provide necessary assurances that we will not disclose your information except as provided herein.

Please note that we may revise this policy. If we do, any information we received before the change will not be affected (i.e. the old policy will continue to apply to that information) and we will make some effort to notify you of the change, by either email or by notice on the web page. We do not intend on ever using your information for marketing purposes with third parties (of course, we do use your information to provide you notices about our catalog etc).


If for some reason you are not satisfied with anything that you order, just return it to us in 30 days for a full refund (not including shipping). That's how sure we are that you find Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio a valuable source for your music needs.


You can search the database in many ways. Two searches are pre-made: Recent Additions, and Bargain Bin. Recent Additions is simply a list of the entire catalog in date order from most recent to oldest. Bargain Bin are catalog items that have been reduced for sale. These items may be out of stock, and may not be reordered, so an order for one of them is dependent on whether the item is in stock.

You can search by alphabetical reference, this search is by Artist name (or in the case of a book that is a compendium, by the title).

You can search by category by using the category drop list on the right hand side.

Finally you can do a key word search on either the artist or the song list. This search can have up to 4 words, separate by spaces, and can either require all of them or at least one of them.

Examples of searches:

To find all books that have the Beatle's song Yesterday in it, enter BEATLES YESTERDAY in the search box, check the "songs" checkbox and check the box for "and."

Note that searches find the string *anywhere* in the field, so a search for WALK will find both WALK THIS WAY and SLEEPWALK.

Most books that contain tab will have the words TAB! in them, so if you are looking only for TAB books, try searching with that word as one of the required words.

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